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Fishin' Mexico

Baja California, the Sea of Cortez and mainland West coast Mexico has provided some of the world's best sport fishing for nearly a hundred years. As good as the fishing is now in Mexico, it definitely had several 20th century decades where it was second to none, for offshore big game, inshore and even surf fishing. Here you will find a selection of 8x10 photos (matted to 11x14), to bring you back to that era. Back then nothing swimming in their waters was safe from capture and every fish was kept. With catch and release now becoming the way of the Mexican sport fisherman, perhaps the fishing of the past can be somewhat restored to what it once was.

These prints come from professionally restored vintage photographs, either from private photos or press photos for newspapers and magazines. Each piece is surely to brighten up any home or workspace.

Click on an image below to take you to the mat colors available for each image.

Your Choice $15.95

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