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crystal jig

The new Crystal Jig is a long distance casting lure either from shore for Sierra and Spanish Macs, Barracuda and Needlefish, or from a boat, into schooling Tuna. It can also be used for jigging over rocks and reef for any number of fish species, including Amberjack, Pompano, Snappers, Groupers, Permit and other assorted Jacks and Trevallies.

The Crystal Jig measures 4 inches (body length), weighs 2 ounces and comes in 5 vibrant fish-catching colors.

Crystal Jigs copy.jpg
Crystal Minnow Blue Mac copy.jpg
Blue Mac
Crystal Minnow Sardine copy.jpg
Crystal Minnow Green Mac copy.jpg
Green Mac
Crystal Minnow Red Mac copy.jpg
Red Mac
Crystal Minnow Chartreuse copy.jpg
Chartreuse Mac
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