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The Crystal Minnow

The Crystal Minnow is a surf fishing lure, designed for casting around the edges of rocky points as well as sandy beaches. You never know what you'll catch with one of these lures ... Jacks, Snappers, Groupers ... Snook! Best way to fish these is to retrieve them at a medium pace, twitching the lure slightly while doing so.

The Crystal Minnow measures 5.5 inches (lure body), weighs 1.25 ounces and has two VMC 2/0 treble hooks. There are 8 colors available.

Crystal Minnows copy.jpg
Minnow Sardine copy.jpg
Minnow Fire Blue copy.jpg
Fire Blue
Minnow Mullet copy.jpg
Minnow Ghost copy.jpg
Minnow Olive copy.jpg
Minnow Red Head copy.jpg
Red Head
Minnow Fire Black copy.jpg
Fire Black
Minnow Fire Mac Green copy.jpg
Fire Mac Green
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