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The Mexican Popper

The Mexican Popper has a classic popper shape to it. At 2 ounces this lure casts a long ways, allowing to hit surface structure such as weed patches, logs and bommmies (reef boils) without getting too close to them, spooking any nearby fish. Can also be fished from shore for Roosterfish, Jacks and Trevallies.

The Mexican Popper measures 5 inches (lure body), weighs 2 ounces and has two VMC 2/0 treble hooks. There are 8 colors available.

Mex Poppers copy.jpg
Mex Popper Blue Mac copy.jpg
Blue Mac
Mex Popper Green Mac copy.jpg
Green Mac
Mex Popper Pink Mac copy.jpg
Pink Mac
Mex Popper Orange Mac copy.jpg
Orange Mac
Mex Popper Red Mac copy.jpg
Red Mac
Mex Popper Chartreuse copy.jpg
Chartreuse Mac
Mex Popper Black Mac copy.jpg
Black Mac
Mex Popper Red Head copy.jpg
Red Head
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