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The Twitch

The Twitch is a distance casting lure, which is retrieved at moderate speed and as its name implies is twitched or sharply jerked towards the angler. Stopping for a second or two between twitches makes the lure look like an injured helpless baitfish. Primarily a surf fishing lure for Jacks, Trevallies, Snook and Cubera Snapper (Pargo), it can also be cast in amongst feeding Tuna and even towards trailing Dorado (Mahi, Dolphinfish), when another one is hooked, or cast towards surface structure, such as weeds or logs.

The Twitch measures 5 inches (lure body), weighs 1.75 ounces and has two VMC 2/0 treble hooks. There are 10 colors available.

Twitch copy.jpg
Twitch Pilchard Blue copy.jpg
Blue Pilchard
Twitch Pink copy.jpg
Twitch Fire Gold copy.jpg
Fire Gold
Twitch Mullet copy.jpg
Twitch Sardine copy.jpg
Twitch Pilchard Green copy.jpg
Green Pilchard
Twitch Red Head copy.jpg
Red Head
Twitch Olive copy.jpg
Twitch Fire Mac Green copy.jpg
Fire Mac Green
Twitch Ghost copy.jpg
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