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Jeff Klassen

Welcome to, one of the first fishing websites ever developed, featuring saltwater offshore, inshore and surf fishing. I started this website in 1991 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where I featured tackle for sale, boat charter info, photos, my blog "the Klassen Comment" (before the word "blog" even existed) as well as  general fishing information on the Los Cabos area. The site has transformed many times over the last 3+ decades to what you see it as here and now. Now, I cover saltwater fish species info applicable to anywhere, fun merchandise and surf fishing lures that will work anywhere on the planet. As always, since the early Cabo days, I hope that what you find here will keep you informed and entertained. Keep checking back for new stuff and don't forget to check out my new books! Best fishes, tight lines and all the cliches.  Jeff Klassen

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Here's where you'll find some of my thoughts on fishing (and other stuff), articles from past fishing magazines, anecdotes from my books and other assorted dribble and nonsense.  Enjoy!!

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